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USERcycle helps you activate and monetize more of your sign ups to paying customers. It's a powerful trinity of metrics, lifecycle messaging, and A/B split testing for accelerating growth.

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Build a better startup faster with USERcycle's features:

AARRR cohort metrics. The gold standard for measuring what matters.

With cohort based metrics it's easy to see if your product is getting better with time. USERcycle dashboards your product's performance, by join date cohorts, into the AARRR funnel & lets you pinpoint where bottlenecks occur.

Cohort Metrics
Cohort Metrics

Lifecycle emails sent automagically. Keep users engaged with timely, targeted emails.

The right email at the right time can be ridiculously effective for decreasing churn & increasing conversion rates. USERcycle lets you deliver personal lifecycle emails that trigger automatically from any of your events.

A/B split testing of new releases. Get hard data & quantify the impact across the entire funnel.

Not every release is for the better... sometimes you optimize one part of the product at the expense of another. This can be dangerous if you're not keeping track of the big picture. With USERcycle tests are tracked across the full funnel.

Cohort Metrics

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